Lazy L Little One (Miss Dex) was our first Dexter.

See her in the December/January 2002 Mother Earth news! 

They have a nice article about Dexter Cattle.

1998 - Rose and baby Puff 'n Stuff

In 1997 Diane and her father got interested in Dexter cattle. The Dexter is an old European breed noted for their ease of care and good temperament. They are small. Puff is about the size of a Labrador dog in this picture. They provide tasty, lean beef and can be milked easily. Some people use them for pets on small country estates.

Link to: American Dexter Cattle Association

  This is our Margaret. She is from Manitowoc Mark's Sam and the cow Maebell of Valley Farm. Maebell came from Margaret Millhouse who was a kind and knowledgeable mentor for us. We have not had any cattle with horns since Miss Dex and we wanted such a representative of the breed.



The black color is dominant but other variations are not rare. A characteristic of the Dexter is being able to thrive on a diet that would make some of the modern breeds starve. We have noted a preference for Dexters eating cattail patches.

Our farm is an old fashioned place. We are doing it pretty much organically. We use no insecticides on our fields and use no animal implants for growth. We only medicate our animals as a last resort. With our good homegrown feeds we have had few medical problems with the animals in the 15 years I have been here.

This is intended primarily for educational purposes. There are other ways to farm and we all need to look around. Let's try and keep the small farms going.

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